Beelza Bub
Microsoft 526






April 25

Blood Type





145 lbs.




Women, Eating, Sex, Demons, Kissing, Harassing Others, Flirting, Cursing, Crocodiles, Life, Death


Priest, Angels, Mean Boys, Stomach Aches

"You Look Sooooo Good, I Could Just Eat You Up"

-Beelza Bub

Beelza Bub is a young teenager with multiple personalities. She was possessed by the 7 demons of sin. Usually able to suppress them somewhat, when she experiences strong emotions, the demon corresponding to that emotional branch begins to come forth, changing her appearance and also imbuing her with a special power. When she was possessed by Satan she nearly killed her dad (who was very abusive). She ran away after that. Because of Asmodeus she has taken more of a "liking" to girls than boys. She has soon embraced her inner demons and is learning how to control them.


  • When extremely angry or destressed, the demon Satan comes forth, and gives her the power to withstand strong attacks and fight fiercely, unafraid of any opposition.
  • When feeling prideful, the demon Lucifer comes forth, giving her limited control over light, allowing her to temporarily render herself or other objects invisible.
  • When overwhelmed by others or her own greed, the demon Mammon comes forth, allowing her incredible endurance, with it she can carry alot more than normal humans and humanoids.
  • When lustful or pleasured, the demon Asmodeus comes forth, allowing her to temporarily coerce others into doing what she wants, and lulling people under her control.
  • When envious or jealous, the demon Leviathan comes forth, giving her limited control over illusion, only allowing her to manifest the illusion objects of others desires before her.
  • When overindulgent, the demon Beelzebub comes forth, allowing her to eat practically anything, and giving her the power to absorb and convert certain types of energy.
  • When depressed or apathetic, the demon Belphegor comes forth, giving her the ability to control shadows, as such she can turn a person's shadow against them, or form weapons from shadows around her.