Pyro Screams is a fictional character from the skull girls 2015 . Pryo Screams is the tortured soul of May Burns conjured back into her body by brain drain transforming her into a banshee . Pyro has a parasite called Echo which is a parasite which controls her sound waves creating louder anymore deadly screams nicknaming her the Banshee sometimes she is able to conjure fire

Appearence Edit

Pryo's banshee form has white hair and pure black eyes , wearing a long black floating dress with a slit down the front of the dress where you see her pale legs . During some of her special attacks you notice she has black tattoo's appearing on her face.

May Burns original human form had red hair and amber eyes .

Quotes Edit

When the fight begin's

  • "Let's start a fire!"
  • "Just wisping through"
  • Echo-"This will be a blast"