Status Effects are ailments that fighters can receive during battle. These status conditions are paralysis, poison, sleep, frozen, and burn. All these effects can be cured over time. Fighters with the a counter ability can pass any status effect, except the sleep and frozen conditions, inflicted on them back to the fighter that inflicted the status effect. The effect if portrayed with an icon locates underneath the fighter's health bar.

Icon Name Effect
Poison Deals damage over time until the victim reaches 1% health.
Badly Poisoned Deals damage over time, but unlike the Poison effect, the fighter affected with this can be KO'd from it.
Asleep Causes the enemy to fall asleep, leaving the open to further assault. Can be woken up by an enemy attack or whenever the character feels like waking up.
Frozen Traps the enemy in a block of ice, leaving them open to further assault. Should the player be affected by this, they can mash buttons quickly to break out of their icy prison without having to wait for the ice to melt.
Burned Causes the effected fighter to catch fire, taking damage over time. Like Badly Poisoned, the affected fighter can be KO'd from this.
Confusion Causes the affected fighter to act randomly, thus making this status effect to be by far the most annoying out of all of the other effects.
Leech Causes health from the affected fighter to be gradually transferred over to the fighter who dealt the effect.
Dizzy Causes the affected fighter to become dizzy, leaving them open to futher assault. Similarly to stagger.
Input Lag Causes the affected fighter to react to the affected player's button presses slower.
Blinded Causes the affected fighter to lose the ability to attack and defend.
Groggy Causes the affected fighter to lose the ability to move until they recover.
Paralyzed Causes the affected fighter to lose the ability to attack, defend, & move. This is often given by electrical attacks.